Lilium Jaca Restaurant

The Chef

  • José Antonio Piedrafita José Antonio Piedrafita began his career in the kitchens of the hand of his aunt Pilar in the meson Castiello, where he took his first steps during the summers of his youth. Once that was clear was his calling attended the studies of FP 1 in the hotel school of Guayente hand Lasalle Brothers. He continued in Huesca the hotel school in San Lorenzo where he earned a specialist degree in hospitality and tourism technician. Continuously follow the training courses' association in the province of Huesca and continuous trips abroad, to San Sebastian gastronomic event which brings together the highest personalities of gastronomy. Highly acclaimed pastry with Paco Torreblanca. Creative cooking with Ferran and Albert Adria and most... that would rename long. Chef entrepreneur by vocation and obligation takes 12 hard years in front of a dream come true with the name of the most beautiful flower he found on his beloved walks Pyrenees, lilium..


  • Elena Lanuza López Alias, "la última lebata", his better half, head room, tireless worker perpetual smile (almost always).
  • Inmaculada Piedrafita Alias, "la artista", his brother, detalliste, creative and with common sense
  • Pilar Puértolas Alias, "la abuela". His mother and the mother of all, always to the rescue
  • Eulalia Alias, "La guarani". Working spirit and a knack for cooking.
  • Aurora López Alias, "La piru". Organization, neatness, always at the service of the house and its customers. Suitable for all.
  • Manuel Picaza Alias, "El Curro". His friend and confidant of all. Do not ever ask an orange juice, they are gone forever.
  • Abdul Alias, "El escondites". Perform efficiency one of the hardest jobs in the kitchen.
  • Belén Ubieto Alias, "Corre caminos". The last to arrive. A diamond in the rough that we must cultivate.
  • Our extras Always friendly and fun.
  • In 12 years of history, many people have ended up in our house. Difficult to speak of all, but give them our love and gratitude.

Awards and Distinctions

  • 2010 Winner of the "Tapas y Cazoletas del Pirineo Aragonés" with the Tapa "Aspe con Garrapata". First prize for the technical jury and popular jury.
  • 2011 Winner of the "Tapas y Cazoletas del Pirineo Aragonés". First prize for the technical jury by "perla del pirineo" and "arroz cremoso de setas al foie". We participated in the first provincial competition covers the province of Huesca held Barbastro.
  • 2012 Winner of the "Tapas y Cazoletas del Pirineo Aragonés" by "super disco fasion" and "aquí también comemos borraja sr. Urtasun".
    In this year, we participate in the national competition of "tapas" of Valladolid. Where we left proud of our participation and we got the cover in the newspaper El Mundo of Valladolid
  • 2013 Winner of the "Tapas y Cazoletas del Pirineo Aragonés" in dessert section by "con las manos en la masa" and popular prize by "primer viernes de mayo al raselhanut"
  • 2014 Winner of the "Concurso de tapas y cazoletas del Pirineo Aragonés" in the "Mejor Tapa" and "Mejor tapa con productos del Pirineo Aragonés" for "Montañés" and second prize in category "Cazoletas" for "Salmorrejo montañés 2014"
  • 2015 Winner of the "IV Certamen de cazuelitas en la provincia de Huesca" for "Otra de borraja señor Urtasun"