Lilium Jaca Restaurant


Lunch schedules:13.00-16.00
Dinner schedules:20.00-23.00
At certain peak seasons were extended schedules
Closed for break on Sunday night and Monday except by reservation and human availability


For a personal or family event with great features, on occasion we have offered throughout the property in favor of the event, may have DJ, etc... consult

Lilium Jaca Restaurant

Avda. Primer Viernes de Mayo, 8
22700 - Jaca (Huesca)
Teléfono: +34 974 355 356
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The Restaurant

Lilium restaurant has three dining rooms and in summer season has covered terrace.

The Ground Floor

It's where we service everyday, has a capacity of 23 pax and has a bar where we serve our tapas and pans winners of competitions.

The Loft

It is the upper room of the restaurant, discrete and flirty, where we found a table for two, four, six and eight, having a total capacity of 36 pax.

The Winery

Aragon├ęs rustic lounge with a capacity of 48 pax, is used for large tables, bachelor, Spanish wines, ginger bouffet and occasionally as concert hall, given its excellent acoustics and sound insulation.

The Terrace

In spring, summer and early fall, we have a fully covered terrace avenue, pure European style with a capacity of 50 or 60 people depending on the layout of the tables.